Day 2 at Design School

another full day at Plymouth Arts Centre - we focused on typography. Harry Blackett from An Endless Supply led the day and gave us lots of tips about fonts etc. We started off by designing our own font for our initials 

First attempt

then it started walking - perfect!
In the afternoon we played Bananagrams - a bit like scrabble without the board - it comes in a banana shaped bag which I don't have a picture of but you can see one HERE

 then we designed a page for a joint book - I used rubbings from the tiles I'd been playing with and some of the words that I'd made up

I haven't got an image of the finished book but will post one soon. I am beginning to feel very tired after 2 very full on days - and there's still another 2 to go - I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head for future projects as well.....

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