Day 4 - Design school

The final day was with Sofia Stevi who makes amazing book structures like this these 
We divided into pairs and on the theme of Plymouth we researched an image for a section of the book - I worked with Anne-Marie Culhane and we each drew a section of Drakes Circus 
It is a pretty hideous shopping centre but iconic in the region! 

It was then cut into 7 sections each side (14 in total) for each inner spine - I think it will work really well but unfortunately we weren't able to complete the mock up and must wait to see the final book in a few weeks time - frustrating..... 
So that is the end of the summer school - it was very different to what I expected, much more fun and playfulness and virtually no technology! It was fantastic and I have lots of ideas I want to develop - every day was different and exciting - thank you to all involved, the tutors, L.I.E. and Plymouth Arts Centre 

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Carole Reid said...

WOWZER what a great time you are having! Wonderful works.