Day 3 - Design School

Another playful and challenging day with Ken Kirton who set us the task of cooking a meal based on plums (his research on Plymouth and the old English meaning 'plum mouth').
We started with a shared breakfast of bread with Ken's home made plum jam - ken is on the right 

Then we got down to work placing all the utensils we had brought in, on a very large sheet of paper 

This was the final result - you could really tell that the majority of the group came from a design background! I thought it looked like something out of a Sunday magazine glossy supplement! We then drew around them all, leaving a simple graphic outline! 

We were divided into pairs and allocated tasks for the lunch - me and Emily got this sheet of paper and had to decide what to do with it - I suggested drawing around all the food ingredients as they arrived (the prawns were fun as they started to melt) and each person writing there name around the border - we would then use it as a table cloth and see the design spoilt as food was dropped on it! I always embrace the chance element whenever I can!
We took all the food and drink up to Plymouth Hoe and had a barbecue - plum and shrimp kebabs with feta cheese salad followed by plum, peach and pineapple kebabs with creme fraiche - washed down with plum sangria!

It was a PLUM day

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Cathy Cullis said...

Lovely to read about your fruitful day (oh dear, sorry). I can see the drawing translated as an embroidery, perhaps a tablecloth of course. Best wishes, Cathy