I was well out of my comfort zone at last weeks drawing group session - we had to select from packaging to make a collaged drawing - mine, and many of the others too, turned out to be a comment about consumerism. It made me realise that this is not an area of drawing I want to pursue - I had a strong resistance to the task in hand and wanted to leave but I persisted - I sometimes think there is more learning in the things you don't want to do rather than what you love doing!  Resistance is coming up for me a lot at the moment - even in doing what I usually love doing. I wonder if this is the winter blues - thank goodness January is over - the weather has been extra miserable this year and I'm hoping we will have more light in February! I've hardly done any walking as it's just been too boggy everywhere.  

I don't like the work I did and have put it in the bin but here is a record just to remind me. I hope this weeks session produces some more positive results!

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