A day to catch up!! And my interview

Well I spent a day in London yesterday - RAMBERLING around Tate Britain and taking in the Turner Prize exhibition - the last chance to see it as it finishes at the weekend - I felt disappointed in the work!! It wasn't as strong as last year in my mind but I rambled on and discovered the Tacita Dean blackboard drawings (a roomful of them) now THEY made my heart sing Tra la la la la!!!
Today is pay back for all the abundance received while away on my jolly!! A big thank you to Leslie at Textiles,shapes and colour cos my name was drawn out of the basket and I get a lovely piece of her artwork (see it here)and there is a pile of emails to attend to and questions to answer from Mary Ann at Blue Sky Dreaming who interviewed me a few days ago. This was so exciting to receive and I am going to keep this great idea going by interviewing the first 2 people who comment on my blog and ask to be interviewed!! (I was able to give the questions the reflexion required on the train down to London so it is only a matter of adding them here) Thank you Mary Ann for great questions to reflect on......... Here they are with the answers
1.When did you begin the desire to ramble and where will you ramble next?
I think my desire to ramble began as a child. I loved exploring, in the fields, woods and along the river bank, building dens, climbing trees and building a make believe world wherever I was!! Now I ramble further from home and yesterday rambled in London around Tate Britain. My next planned ramble is in Venice later in the year - NOW VENICE is a city just made for rambling!!!
2. How has your recent trip to Bangladesh affected your art making?
Hmm this is a fascinating question and on reflection I don't think it has (not yet anyway!)Although in saying that it has made me think more about colour and my use of it in my work (my work tends to be quite monochromatic). I took lots of photographs while I was there but as yet I haven't done anything with them and not used them in my art practice. As I will possibly have the chance to visit again during the next year I will reflect on this some more (One of my daughters works for the British Council and is there on a 2 year contract - she may decide to stay on another year!)
3. You use alternative photographic techniques...tell us about one?
I love making photograms. It's a simple process but very hit and miss with unexpected and often wonderful results. The most powerful one that I made was in collaboration with my daughter, Natalie. A couple of years ago she took an overdose and I brought her home to live with me while she recovered from severe depression. It was not an easy time for either of us as you can imagine. Together we produced this piece of work which I exhibited as a floor piece (life size) The process was very cathartic for both of us and Natalie was proud that she had been the subject for a piece of important work for me. It is a reminder that my best work is produced when 'my art is integral to my life'
4.If you could meet your favorite artist living or dead, what would you ask?
Now this really perplexed me as I don't really have a favorite artist and I like lots of artists for different reasons, do I choose a film maker, a painter, a sculptor etc. etc oh what a dilemma. Anyway I settled on Doris Salcedo as an artist I discovered last year when I saw Sibboleth at Tate Modern and an exhibition of her work at the White Cube. I would ask her when she knew she wanted to be an artist and to tell me something about her student days and the earliest work she created.
5.What have you planned for 2009 with your art? More video? upcoming shows?
During this year 2009 I am involved in making an artists book for sub(missive) which will hopefully be exhibited at the Leeds International Artist Book Fair. My main project is working with some old slide transpariences which were passed on to me when my father died a few years ago. He was a terrible photographer and alot of them are out of focus and people disappearing from the frame, on top of this they have been the subject of decay and have some very interesting distortions! I have chosen 20 of the slides from around 150 and am using them in an installation with the battered old suitcase they came in. The idea I'm working with is of my parents memories which are not mine - I have different memories but the image of the person sparks my own memories. The images have a 'loneliness' about them which I am exploring alongside their 'materiality'. The other intention I have this year is to work on producing some 'saleable' work from the more conceptual stuff I create! And I will also make a short Super 8 film !!! Better get on with it all then!!! Bye for now - I'm off for a cuppa!

Here's the instructions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "interview me".
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Anonymous said...

What a fascinating visit you had to London - and an equally fascinating idea (interview me). I'm not sure if I am technically competent to add responses and do what you suggest to my blog but am happy to give it a go.

sukipoet said...

Rambling rose, thanks for visiting my blog. I love this interview. Firstly, I am sorry about your daughter. But how wonderful she has a mom like you to take her home and help her heal. The artwork you made together is just so beautiful and moving. You travel to some interesting places and many of the artists you mention are new to me--thanks. But i see on your bookshelf Eva Hesse, who I have loved for years. I saw some of her work many many years ago at a small museum in
Connecticut. May Sarton, I have also loved for years. She once lived in Nelson NH not too far from here. Her gravesite is there too which I have visited several times. and Eat Pray Love which I very much loved. Glad to meet you. Be well, Suki

A rambling rose said...

Sukipoet - bless you and thank you - - how wonderful to meet a kindred spirit - regards my daughter she is well and happy now in her life.
Wild Somerset child - I'll be in touch cos i'm sure you'll be fine with the technology and there's plenty of help in blogging community!

José Brito said...

Thank you for your visit.
Only sharing we can live in better and solidarity world.
The work of an artist is only exposed that can be apreciated, so here is my humble work.
Traveled on your blog, like a lot, so here are my sincere congratulations.

José Brito

Jeane said...

oh, what a wonderful interview! I really really enjoyed this!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

What a touching piece of art, with your daughter. The process of creating art can truly heal. I love your artistic eye and look forward to seeing more of your work, including the artist book. I adore artist books, even though they seem to take a lot of time. Are those swans in the photos on your side bar? Love the feather shot! Your WV is sweet: joysess

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Read through your interview answers and am so pleased...your answers are smart, open and interesting. You are so ready for 'Desert Island Discs'!
I clicked to enlarge your floor piece and was stunned at the strength and tenderneass in such high contrasts. Bravo!
Mary Ann

A rambling rose said...

thank you Jose and Jeanne
Leslie - WV? and they are geese just before dusk - good job there's no sound in photos as they made a lot of honking noise!
Blue Sky it was a real pleasure and YES ready now for 'Desert Island Discs'!!!

Anonymous said...

Rambling rose...ah! to the philosopher that is a very accurate title--the vibrations are ever present in all living things. I like your blog. Bravo.

Ever Yours,
Clayrn Darrow

patti said...

Hi, my first time here. You do some interesting artwork Rambling Rose and it is true that when a subject is close to your heart it has a greater impact.

Enjoyed getting to know you.


Rambling rose, thank you for sincere word. Good luck!

Leah said...

wow! The piece you created with your daughter is just stunning. What a collaboration!

I loved reading the answer to your question.