Visiting my knitting

I have been to visit my knitting (made entirely from used supermarket plastic bags- so it's waterproof - pretty essential in the north of England!!) at Henshaws Art and Craft Centre and met blogger Kate from 'a disordered life' It was great to meet her and she organised a tour guide for me so I felt quite special. I learnt all about the centre and the work they do with the visually impaired. I visited all the workshops - such a creative place to be! Just look at this work they have produced


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Amazing work at this centre. It all looks magical!
Also, pretty impressive using plastic bags for the knitting!
Mary Ann

notmassproduced said...

hey - it was lovely to meet you. We love your knitting!! Like the photos you took at Henshaws too :o)

sukipoet said...

To paint a piano like that! It looks like something Liberace might want to play on. Love the knitted grocery bags.

Jeane said...

visually impaired? - wow!, looks more like visually gifted - these are fabulous!

A rambling rose said...

Jeanne I so agree with you - everywhere you look there is colour and imaginative art works - the sensory garden is a delight and I shall be visiting in the Spring when the bulbs are out! At the moment they are working hard preparing, digging and clearing the dead leaves of winter
Sukipoet - the piano is in mosaic and just right for Liberace!
Blue Sky Dreaming- yes it's magical and isn't Kate (notmassproduced) lucky to work there!
Kate (notmassedproduced) - lovely to meet you too - I will visit again in the Springtime!


Love this post! Beutiful works!