Earth request - help needed please!

My good friend and artist Marged Pendrell is working on a project involving a collection of earth samples here is what she says:

'I am looking for people who would like to take part in a work entitled -EARTH CONNECTION
It involves the collecting and sending of a sample of earth from a place that has a special significance , experience or memory. A small plastic bag of approx 2"x2" would be ideal . With the sample I would like details of the place it came from , date and name (optional). Also, why you chose that place - this can be written as text, poem etc. Deadline - End of February'

Marged's project is really wonderful and I hope you will feel inspired to take part - let me know by a comment or email me here for details to send the sample - unfortunately Marged is not a blogger and I can't persuade her otherwise at the moment - here is your chance to show her the fantastic support given by the blogging community - thanks in anticipation!


femminismo said...

Hi, there. Stopped by. thanks for the comment on the beginnings of my book ala Seth. I hope the worms do get to it, too. It snowed last night right after I put out the pages. I am so ecstatic. And I love your friend's project - collecting earth samples. I have one. Now I need to know where to send it. I will find out. Thanks for visiting. jeanne in Oregon

Char said...

thanks for stopping by. this sounds like a great project and you're a great friend to help here with this. I will have to find a favorite place to participate. right now in the big city, I don't have much access to dirt.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Rosie -yes I can send your friend an earth sample; but it might be a little different. Mud dug from our garden I don't know how long ago, used to bind the walls of our 16th century farmhouse. Whenever we rebuild, this mud (clay actually) is released; it's all that holds the old walls together. (When our son, now aged 48, was describing this rather special place to his teacher, he took a lump of this stone infilling and labelled it as '400-year-old mud'!) Poem or some such no problem; I'll write something especially for your friend. Pics (photos) available also if wanted. Let me know, Ann

Anonymous said...

mm.. love this idea, and I know the perfect spot to collect from, a fairy ring I installed in the bush that lasted for over three years..

Now as to your answer dear one, close, but no banana. Think like a guerilla, like an outsider,... you'll get it.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like this...sacred ground! I will be happy to send some of my California soil!

A rambling rose said...

Thank you all so much for joining in the Earth Connection - I know my friend will be really thrilled by such an eclectic mix of samples, very exciting - let me know when you are ready to send - please email me from this blog on the right hand side under the axis artist badge and I will send you the postal address