I’m just back from Wilson’s Prom



and a Night photography and Light painting workshop with Lloyd Godman of Baldessin Press – we camped for 4 days and I must say I was very glad to get back to a comfy bed last night! No wombats searching for a morsel or other delightful species of Australian wildlife wanting to share my tent!

I have had fun with my camera and here are a few of the images that I picked for the show and tell at the end of the workshop! (You can click on the image to see a larger version)

DSC09202 (2) DSC09199 DSC09289 (2) DSC09210 (2) DSC09204 (2)

DSC09298 (2)

All the photography took place at sunrise (yes we had to get up at 5.30am!) or at dusk - it was the full moon and we went off down to Squeaky Beach see above 2nd image (yes the sand squeaks underfoot hence the original name!) to do the light painting – it was very experimental and I only came out with a couple of worthwhile images but I loved the process and will definitely be out there (wherever I am) at night with my torch and camera! (keeping the mossies company and providing them with food!!!!). It does help if it's full moon as you can see what you're doing!!

If you want to try this it is pretty simple but you need a tripod and a camera that lets you set the exposure to at least 15secs and preferably much longer – my camera lets me go to 30 secs and I managed to get some interesting results – you then set the self timer pick up your torch and run around in front of the camera making a drawing with your torch –DSC09249

As I said it’s all very experimental and you never know what kind of result you’ll get – here someone was running along the side of the river with a torch


you can also use a torch and coloured gels to paint areas of the scene in front of you as in this one – as you can see I’ve got a lot of practising to do!


the last ingredient is a beautiful place because if all fails it is just wonderful to be out in the wild!

if anything about this process doesn’t make sense then please ask me anything you want to know and if you are in Australia then I highly recommend Lloyd’s workshop - go HERE for info

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to meeting up with Jo from Mystory – we are going to visit the TarraWarra Museum of Art together


Char said...

you got some beautiful shots - i really love the running curve shot at night and then the abundance of rocks, the reflection...

looks like a great workshop

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

You've taken some great photos and it sounds like true adventures. I like both photos of the light torches and I'm already envious of your trip to museum with Jo...have fun!

lynne h said...

rosie! i am loving following you around australia! these shots are great - it's so beautiful there! i like the one of the person running alongside the river.

have a good time with jo! xo

Annie said...

WOW!! This looks great and I want to be there. I love the torch drawings. I'll be reading my camera manual in a minute to see if it can do it.

Dianne Poinski said...

Looks like it was well worth getting up so early. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

mansuetude said...

these are wonderful, love the yellow curved one...

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

They are beautiful photos.
One of the ladies from my art class "Angie" was with you earlier in the week too.
Have a great time with Jo.
They really are fantastic.

Art said...

Those torch paintings are awesome. Not knowing how they will turn out is part of the fun, no?

Seth said...

This looks like it must have been a wonderful experience. I love the long exposure shots!